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the "Dejavu" project the first European collective action : vaccination & transparency

While the vaccination campaign against #Covid19 has been ongoing since December 2020, regardless of whether we are pro or anti #vaccine, many questions remain unanswered.
In fact, what about the results of the #tests carried out?
What about the negotiations that took place between the European institutions and the pharmaceutical giants?
What about the liabilities of these companies in case of serious adverse effects?
So many questions to which we, #European #citizens, deserve to know the answers.
It is in this context that the "Dejavu" project emerged as the first European collective action.
What are we asking for? Transparency and respect for democratic principles.
With the cooperation of lawyers from several European Union countries, this ambitious project seeks to restore the voice (and the rights?) of European citizens by playing the card of transparency and collective intelligence.
Indeed, our intention is to ultimately render the thousands of pages of scientific documents accessible to the public and the independent scientific community.
This will allow the international scientific community to verify manufacturers' assertions using the same raw data.
We now know from the #Levothyrox case (in France) that from the same raw data, a manufacturer could " edit " information to reflect the opposite of reality.
We hope for a European mobilisation.
In the forthcoming days, the website will be translated into the main EU languages. At present, the French version of the website is available at the following address:
We are counting on you to share the link to the petition.

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