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Why invest in France ?

Despite being often presented in the Anglo-Saxon press as a country in decline, France is among the most integrated and most invested industrialized countries in globalization.

A nation of tradition and technological innovation, France remains a major agricultural country with an impressive industrial know-how and innovative spirit which has enabled it to solidify its place at the forefront of the race between globalized economies.

As a rich country and enterprising country, France, like India, has an inclusive economy. This is why in France, as in India, family firms have a vital role in economic development.
In addition, in our two nations the role of the state is strategic in limiting excessive specialization and maintaining a wide range of industrial sectors.

In the words of the French president in his interview with The Times of India (February 13, 2013) : “Indians will find in France the best technology, a high level of infrastructure, a workforce of exceptional quality and, what’s more, in the heart of the largest economy in the world : that of Europe.”

Last, beyond the strictly economic and financial aspects, France remains a country where life is good.

So come discover France. You will not be disappointed!